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Using Physical Activity as a Main Prescription to Prevent and Fight Weight Gain, Chronic Conditions, Illness and Injury. 

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Get in Charge of Your Health

Physical activity is an important but often underutilised tool in the prevention and treatment of chronic medical conditions, ailments, and pain caused by inflammatory disease and injury.

Rebecca is a kinesiologist located in Kelowna who will guide and teach you how to improve and maintain your overall fitness and healthy lifestyle.

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Personal Training

Your individual goals will always be the main emphasis of your personal training sessions, which will be very energetic! Your goals and your assessment will serve as the foundation for each program and session. You will improve your muscular and aerobic fitness over the course of each session, and you’ll start to feel better afterward. Depending on your needs and goals, exercise for mobility, stability, and balance might also play a significant role in your program.

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Comprehensive Care and Fall Prevention

Our tailored programs for older adults aim to boost stamina, appetite, and stress management while lowering the risk of cancer, dementia, osteoporosis, cancer, and age-related muscle loss. A longer, healthier life is encouraged by emphasizing balance training, mobility drills, muscular development, and flexibility training.

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Illness & Injury Rehabilitation

Strengthening exercises and physical activity can provide relief for a variety of conditions including low back pain, knee problems, diabetes, stroke, and more. Recovering from an injury can be frustrating, but strengthening at the proper pace can help prevent future injuries and speed up healing.

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8 Week Challenge

A challenge designed for you. Results are science driven, plans are easy to follow and you’ll have all the information you need to be successful! In 8 weeks you can see yourself transform, adopt healthier habits, and create a lifestyle that is enjoyable and maintainable. Look in the mirror and smile, walk down the street with ease, and cook meals even your family can enjoy! The results speak for themselves.

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Professional Off Ice Training

Learn to master your jumps and spins, gain your balance and explosive reaction off the ice. Improve flexibility in your back, hips, core, neck and shoulders to help achieve beautiful positions in field moves and spins. Improve off-ice jumps learning singles to triples off the ice and mastering your technique for clean and powerful jumps on the ice. Strengthen the core, back, and legs to improve spin positions and speed, while maintaining your explosiveness and endurance to fulfill your program and exceed expectations.

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Precision Nutrition

“Rebecca is knowledgeable, encouraging, and always motivates me to achieve my goals. She tailored a fitness program to my needs and was always available to answer my questions.”

– Elaine B.

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Are you ready to get in charge of your health?

Use physical activity as your main prescription to prevent and fight weight gain, chronic conditions, illness and injury. 

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