The Kinesiology Prescription

The KinesioScript wasn’t born overnight, it was built one step at a time. Each step involved finding a way to help, treat, and build those who need it.

Using the study of movement, the analysis of the human body, and a strong rapport with each individual, the KinesioScript works to build and power you, helping you reach, achieve and further your goals.

The Kinesiology Prescription uses new, old and alternative ways to help you achieve those goals. No one is the same, so why should anyone get treated the same as someone else? We work together to surpass your expectations. Whether you come in with an injury, looking for weight loss and toning, want to increase muscle strength, or just want to feel better, this is where you’ll get that!

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Rebecca gives you a sustainable meal plan and a fitness plan tailored to your goals (my goal was to look like a Greek Adonis; I’m a work in progress). Now, a plan is only as great as your personal trainer – Rebecca was a stellar coach to have. She took the time to example anything I didn’t know, she would check in with me weekly, is extremely knowledgeable, and modified my plan to incorporate my issues (bad knees, back, hips).

– Lorenzo S.

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Are you ready to get in charge of your health?

Use physical activity as your main prescription to prevent and fight weight gain, chronic conditions, illness and injury. 

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